Passionfruit Mixology Base

Transport your tastebuds to a tropical paradise with Passionfruit Mixology Base. Escape to tropical bliss with every sip of Passionfruit Mixology Base. This vibrant elixir infuses drinks with the exotic flavour of sweet, tangy passionfruit.

  • Bursting with sweet, tangy passionfruit flavour
  • Elevates cocktails, mocktails, lemonades and more
  • Made with real passionfruit for authentic tropical taste
  • Adds an exotic twist to standard recipes

Savor the sunshine in every sip. The alluring passionfruit flavour adds a touch of the exotic to everything it mixes with, taking your standard recipes from basic to brilliant.

For home bartenders looking to add flair behind the bar, Passionfruit Mixology Base makes it easy to create vibrant beverages. Liven up happy hour with exotic drinks that transport your tastebuds to paradise.

500mL Makes 25 Drinks