Original Iced Coffee

Wake up your taste buds with the smooth, refreshing flavour of Original Iced Coffee. This cold-brew concentrate delivers an indulgent coffee experience like no other. Just add milk or cream over ice for a chilled coffee drink that's incredibly rich, sweet, and invigorating. 

  • Cold-brewed to extract the richest coffee flavour
  • Sweetened to perfection - not too sweet or bitter
  • Smooth, velvety mouthfeel
  • Vegan Friendly

Sip after sip, you'll savor the lush, multilayered flavour of this iced coffee. The cold-brew process brings out the best of the beans, infusing the concentrate with more intensity and a less acidic tasting notes than hot coffee.

Contains Caffeine: 40mg per 20mL serve 

Not recommended for children, pregnant or breast feeding women, or people sensitive to caffeine

360mL Makes 18 Drinks