Crisp Apple Mixology Base

Experience the distinct sweetness and crunch of freshly picked New Zealand apples with Crisp Apple Mixology Base! This innovative liquid base creates a bold and complex cocktail with ease, transporting you right to the orchards. Taste the difference — it's amazing!

  • Made with real New Zealand apples for authentic flavour
  • Adds a refreshing apple taste to cocktails, mocktails, and other beverages
  • Versatile for mixing and shaking into all kinds of drink recipes

Crisp Apple Mixology Base makes it simple to add a bright pop of apple to your drinks. The crisp, sweet apple flavour shines through without being overpowering. Use it to upgrade classic drinks with a refreshing apple twist. Or get creative and craft unique apple-based mixology recipes to delight your guests.

Just a splash enhances the flavour profile and gives beverages a more complex, fruit-forward taste.

500mL Makes 25 Drinks