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ICED COFFEE Concentrate Original 360mL


  212 reviews

Full flavour and honest ingredients you can have everywhere!

Cold brewed, refreshing and full of real coffee taste, this beautiful brew will take your iced coffee experience to a whole new level!

One 360mL bottle = 18 drinks

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Dimensions7.5 × 7.5 × 15cm

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Cold coffee
Fast and easy delivery live the cold coffee will be buying again thanks heaps Michelle
Michelle Hough
Great service. fast. arrived in good condition - package well. Highly recommend .
Carolyn Green
Iced Coffee (original)
Stoked with my order and was also suprised to receive the complimentary Dark choc and mint concentrate too. The iced coffee is awesome. Nothing better with ice and coconut milk on a hot day. Will be sure to order more when I run out.
Leanne Fishburn
Just Perfect
A perfect drink for the hot sticky Auckland days!
Magic , love that I can make my own , delicious , thankyou
Robyn Pike
So delicious!!
Great on a hot day or when you are over tired and need a lift. My friend loves this flavour!
Margaret Porter
Iced coffee sy6
Willbe ordering more.. fantastic iced coffee
Dianne Barnhill
Iced coffee concentrate
Very yummy. Rich coffee taste. My very favourite
Sharon Baillie
Spoil yourself
Spoil yourself at home
Karen Shreeves
Iced coffee
This is what i have been looking for! The original iced coffee concentrate tastes great and it will save me the trip to the cafe. Highly recommend your products and will definitely purchase more.
Just as good as the cafe!
I really like this coffee syrup! It's a great price and tastes really good! I added mine to ice and soy milk and it was delicious!
Maggie Lowther
WOW ! WOW! WoW! what a delight to drink and make. I will definitely be buying more. Cheers Jeanne
Jeanne Godeau
Cafe equivalent
Had our first one on the weekend and the first word was wo. Take my word for it , if you want an cafe equivalent iced coffee at home, use this.
Sam Dalcom
One word 'Delicious'
Whoever invented this drink deserves a Knighthood
Dave Hunt
Coffee Concentrate
Very nice with just milk, but awsome with icecream wizzed up as a milk shake. Nice full texture. The recomended strength is very strong, so start with half the amount and add as required.
Shane Holden
Ice coffee
Just like in a cafe. Dont think it will last that long its delicious
Helen Peta
Just right!
Thought we'd give this a try and it hasn't disappointed! Nicely balanced. Still experimenting with mix quantities but having fun!
Peter Whiting
Iced coffee concentrate
With a little whipped cream on top and you have the most luxurious iced coffee ever. and as a grownup drink, It goes well with a spot of "Bailleys', too..
Bobbie Beaumont
Really good
Product finally arrived and it was worth the wait! My partner loves the original and I love the mocha. Although I'm making them stronger than suggested it tastes great.
Brendan Slee
Customer Review
So yummy, best ice product
Tracey Stone
Love it
Love the iced coffee concentrate. Thought with no sugar it would be bitter but it has a smooth taste and we love it
Lynda Casey
Christmas Present 🎁
My mother loves it! She even let me try one. The taste is spot on
Sinead McCurdy
So good. My son and I love it great to have on a hot day when u feel like a coffee
Carolyn Gray
New favourite
Such a nice ice coffee. It’s definitely my new favourite. Tastes amazing will be buying more
Yum yum
Makes the best iced coffee - lovely flavour and just like a bought one!!
Iced Coffee
By far our favorite, just love it in a glass of cold milk with ice, so refreshing
Dianne Dalby
Tastes so good and so easy to make a delicious iced coffee.
Adele Lings
I bought 3bottles of iced coffee with discount. I received them within a week and also found that one complimentary bottle was included!! Even that bottle has a short life It was still great service. Highly recommended.
Mayumi Nakayama
Love iced coffee, and this makes it even easier to make at home, throw it in the magic bullet with a dollops of vanilla ice cream, handful of ice, some farm fresh milk, quick whizz and slurp it up... (even got my snobby Auckland bro hooked on it 😁)
Jacqui H
Simply the most perfect iced coffee! How many in one day is too many? I'm in summer coffee heaven!
Aly D
Bloody good
I don’t drink coffee myself but my husband reckons that this stuff is bloody good! He's hard to please so this very positive review is saying something!
Veronica Donaldson
Iced Coffee
Now that my favourite drive thru coffee has gone this is a great alternative. I blend my with french vanilla icecream and trim milk!!! So good
Alex Fargher
Tastes amazing, something like you would get in a cafe!
Alisha Forrester-Rolton
Customer Review
I never say no to iced coffee! If I could drink this instead of water I would!
Danielle Helg
Tasty convenient treat
For a go to awesome tasting iced coffee, this is the bomb!! How easy is it to just add ice to your glass, tablespoon of the concentrate, then top glass up with milk. Delicious!
Corey W
So good, absolutely love it, will definitely be buying more
Trinity McCown
Honestly I love ice coffee this taste amazing even better than at cafes its sweet so I don't need to add sugar to it
It is a good product. Does need a bit more syrup than suggested in my opinion.
Jenny Barr
Mmmm delicious
I just love this iced coffee. As does my adult children. It's very moorish and is a lovely pick me up at any time of day.
Lorinda Milwain
Love this really helps me through the day with homeschool
Kristin Speak
Thick and luxurious
Dark chocolate syrup and iced coffee syrup mixed with ice and milk. Made a delicious drink. The chocolate is more prevalent in the flavour profile. Nice sweet treat for something different.
Cris Hull
Go to summer alternative
Love an iced coffeel ike I love a hot coffee. Only had it a few days and it's almost time to order a new bottle.
Huria Falwasser
Coffee syrup
Love it
Fiona Randell
Was absolutely delicious with the salted caramel syrup.
Claire Tomkinson
Makes a perfect iced coffee
I love this in coffee or milk shakes.
Ashleigh Whitlow
Customer Review
I would love a more accurate measuring cup of some type for these. But otherwise an awesome product. The coffee was a hit for the adults.
Leeanne Montgomery
The Best!
It is absolutely YUM!!
Fantastic Gift
Thank you, Quarter Past, for a new taste experience. I added this mix to my Dark Chocolate and thoroughly enjoyed the combination. I have now ordered 2x more bottles which I would not have done without your gift. My ongoing appreciation. xx
L.K. Savage
Too sweet
So sweet, barely tastes of coffee. Would not recommend at all.
This is by far my most liked flavor
I just can't get enough of this, it is so nice as a treat by far my most loved flavor and the bonus is it was free with my pack thanks so much will order more soon.
Joe Ah Liki
Tastes great. Can't wait for all those iced coffees in summer.
Janet Watson
I got this via an offer through Vodafone and within 2 days our family had used it all. Its so similar to the high street branded coffee shops but a fraction of the price. I have ordered 3 more whilst they are on offer, but I think I will be back ordering more in no time. I'd love a caramel iced coffee please?
Rebecca Brown
The dogs ***
Hands down the best iced coffee syrup on the market . It’s the first thing my adult children look for when they come home .
Arlette Cavill
Too sweet
Would be much nicer if it has a lot more coffee compared to the sugar
Mohammad Rajab
Try this product now!
I was skeptical that this product would be any good - I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing it is! Literally pour some in a glass, top with water and the drink is ready (and AMAZING!). I made my own vanilla sweet cream (using QuarterPast’s syrups) and it’s just as good as StarBucks (and muuuchhh cheaper!). I’m back to buy more!
Peter Morton
Customer Review
Best iced coffee ever!
Denys Pryce
Just like a shop iced coffee
Tasted just like one purchased from a coffee shop. Not too sweet and not too strong. Something that I will be keeping on hand.
Sheree Brienesse
Nice with Milk
It is quite strong/sweet. It required 50% oat milk for me to get the same familiar taste I'm used to from the major coffee retailers. Mixing with water and ice cubes as instructed didn't taste nice.
Iced coffee @ it’s finest.
I ordered one through Vodafone very me rewards, and came in no time. I went for the coffee with semi skimmed milk and was blown away by the taste, although people have commented on how sweet it is, personally I thought it was just right.
Zulfi Hussain
Wonderful rich coffee flavour
I really enjoyed the sweet coffee mixture. It's perfect mixed with cold milk and water. I also added it to my breakfast smoothie which was divine, coffee syrup, frozen banana, peanut butter, oats, milk, and water... Oh my, such a great start to the day .
Wonderful rich coffee flavour
I really enjoyed the sweet coffee mixture. It's perfect mixed with cold milk and water. I also added it to my breakfast smoothie which was divine, coffee syrup, frozen banana, peanut butter, oats, milk, and water... Oh my, such a great start to the day .
Super Iced Coffee
Love the taste of this iced coffee. Best I've had since a trip to Vietnam pre-lockdown. The only problem is that I now keep running out of milk...:)
Simon Donnelly
Absolutely love it
I love iced coffee but all the types I've tried that you can buy at the supermarket just don't come close to the kind you'd get at a proper coffee shop. I tried Quarterpast on a whim after getting trolled on Facebook by the ad with the just pay postage offer. Well I’m converted, it’s gorgeous. I just add ice and milk and a straw and I’m good to go. Sometimes if I’m being extra fancy I plop some cream in too. It’s sweet, which I like, but has a proper coffee aftertaste rather than a chemically one. Definitely buying more!
Sarah Dwyer
Love this-bought on special deal & it arrived 2 days later-we whizzed it up with ice & milk in the blender & it is delicious-much better than the expensive shop bought ones
Lisa Fowler
Gift for husband
Absolutely delicious, will definitely buy again
Sally Cowap
Amazing iced coffee!
I absolutely LOVE this coffee, with or without milk! Highly recommend!
Crystal Brook
Excellent stuff
Fantastic iced coffee will order again quick delivery and service
Claire Lavery
I wasn't a fan of iced coffee, but I am now.
The iced coffee has a pleasant creamy taste and richness that complements the sweetness when added to milk. We've also added the product to a warm coffee adding the right balance of sweetness to that too. Cannot wait to experiment some more.
Robert Woods
I'm a bit of a coffee connoisseur so didn't expect to like this, but had the opportunity to try it on a special deal. So glad I did, it's delicious. By far the best iced coffee I've tried and so convenient too. Will definitely order more
Sophie Corbett
Tastes amazing. Highly recommend. If you're a cold coffee lover just buy it.
Gary Rees
Too sweet
I was really excited to try this but it is way too sweet and sugary would have been better without so you can adjust to your preferences
Elle Kavanagh
Hands down the best!!!
I've always hated iced coffee, I love coffee but iced was never for me, tasted watery or plain disgusting. My partner loves it. We usually get the one from Sainsbury’s called Artic coffee. When I got this as a freebie, we both tried it and loved it. Never saw myself liking iced coffee but this is AMAZING 🤤🤤 needless to say, since that freebie a month ago we bought 4 more bottles already. A bottle lasts for about 10 cups (my partner uses a big ass bottle instead of a cup 😅)
Patricia Moreno
Amazing iced coffee
The coffee concentrate is just perfect. The taste is just right and makes making an iced coffee so quick, easy and affordable. My daughter and I used to spend a small fortune on cans and cartons of iced coffees but the coffee concentrate is a game changer. We love it!!!Thankyou Quarterpast x
Carrie Smith
Top marks from an Iced Coffee Addict!
Ok so I admit it, I am addicted to iced coffee. I'll buy it from cafes, in cans, in bottles, in cartons.... I just love it. But it's a mixed bag and when you want that iced coffee hit you want it to be good and you want to know what's in it. The iced coffee from Quarterpast is a game changer. If I want it strong, I can have it stong. If I want it weaker, I can have it weaker. Fancy it made with coconut m*lk? No problem! There's no hidden artificial sweeteners and the bottle lasts for ages. I've had a couple of syrups from Quarterpast now and I'll be buying more. I'm going to try it next with the caramel latte syrup from Quarterpast. If iced coffee is your thing I would definitely say give this a go. It gives you options without hitting you in the pocket!
Sophie Farran
This is seriously delicious! So easy to make and can be made to your own personal preference in terms of strength. It mixes really easily with no lumps, and tastes like it's come from a coffee shop!
Easy and delicious
This was very easy to make and tastes like it came from a coffee shop. I was worried that it would be very sweet but it's perfect! Will purchase again
For me its a little bit sweet, I do like coffee unsweetened, but I understand it's a syrup. I'd like to see on the packaging how many mg of caffein a bottle contains. Overall it's a nice drink (only tried with milk), even my fussy husband liked it! A sales gap tip: please produce a chocolate drink with pistachio. A famous manufacturer made a hot choc cocoa powder with pistachio ages ago but sadly discountinued it and I still looking for this combo everywhere. Forget the bloody mint, replace it with pistachio! Yumm!
Now this is what I call Versatile
Easy to use, fantastic taste and adaptable for mocha or cake flavouring. What is not to love about this.
Tuoyo Shackleton
A bit sweet and bitter
The iced coffee syrup was quite sweet and little bitter to my liking, I had to reduce the concentration to much less than 10% of cup as serving suggestions say but this took away the caffeine effect too. However, these syrups are easy to use and hence I will use it.
Tanz Mu
Q iced coffee
I am not normally an iced drink sort of person, but having seen the offer I placed my order. After following the instructions I was left with a strong but smooth milky iced coffee to die for. I will definitely be purchasing another when this runs out. Recommended flavour 👍🏼
Phil W
AMAZING! So tasty
I don't usually drink coffee but this was on offer so thought Id try and I literally fell in love! I drink it all within 4 days! It was so nice ill definitely be trying again & it's made me excited to try the rest of the range! If your a coffee lover you’ll love this!
Amber Reynolds
Tastes as good as ones you get in coffee shops
Amazing. Such a nice coffee taste. 100% as good as coffee shops. Better than the powder iced coffee sachets!
Iced coffee
Nice coffee flavour, but too sweet for me
Tricia Jarvis
Tasty and easy to use
Easy to use and so nice to use just using milk no ice needed
Theresa Stearn
Smooth, sweet and gone too quickly
Rapid delivery, great customer service and the product is of high quality, very nicely flavoured. and versatile. Will definitely be purchasing more and exploring some of the other flavours and products available.
Sarah Stobbart
Who knew coffee could get any better?
This was so delicious! I tried it with 2 of my friends. We sat out in the sun and a glass each. We all had the same reaction of OMG! We really enjoyed it and the only negative was that we needed bigger glasses. So tasty and unexpected.
Adele Hawksworth
Absolutely lovely, recommend this product for iced coffee lovers.
Really nice
Thank you for letting me try this product, was very nice, rich, smelt lovely and such a treat, much like what I would buy from a branded coffee shop.
Caffeine hit no problem.
Superb taste coffee bar at home I can have a cup of coffee when I like I can make it as strong or mild as I like.
David Barnwell
Perfect ice coffee
Absolutely perfect iced coffee, sweet enough to not need anything else, I blend it up with ice in my blender and it tastes just like you would buy in a coffee shop if not better as I can adjust to my own taste. Great value for money as well.
Tamar Longmuir
Customer Review
Second time I have brought this product first time was really happy this time its not as strong as the first lot but still good
Neisha Bartlett
Really nice
Really nice coffee, I personally use slightly less coffee as I find out very strong. But Loving am iced coffee in the morning, gonna try a flavouring next
Its ok / good
A little cup would have been nice to get with it so you know how much to put in your drink, the flavour is nice and smooth, finding the right milk to go with it is a need i tried fullcream and skim the skim to me held the flavour of it more all in all it a nice think to get I've taken one to work and uts all ready gone
Timothy Williams
Very Tasty!
This concentrate makes a really tasty iced coffee, I was very impressed. It is also a much cheaper alternative to the ready-made cartons you get in the supermarkets.
Bit sweet
It's overall nice and combines well with milk but I wish they had a less sweet version because the sweetness almost drowns out the taste of coffee for me.
Laura Etfer
Highly recommend
I absolutely love this iced coffee. I used to spend a crazy amount at coffee places but now I actually prefer this. I make it with ice cubes, a splash of water and top with milk and it’s so nice. I’ve lost track of how many bottles I’ve had. I will definitely continue to buy! :)
Little sweet, good all round.
IT does exactly what it says it does, it makes an instant iced coffee. When ordering I didn't realize but it is sweetened. I thought it was going to be plain coffee, that's probably a mistake on my end though. Overall, it is a really tasty treat.
Kathryn McDonald
Best coffee ever
This one is stronger than the mocha sounds obvious but it's got a lovely sweetness too it aswell and the consistency is perfect! Also really nice with vanilla ice cream😍❤ I have found heaven!! We just need bigger bottles now!
Laura-Jane York
Iced coffee Concentrate
OMG this is absolutely DELICIOUS! Not too sweet, it was just perfect in cold milk that we frothed up!!! Also would be great in a smoothie. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
S Kidwai
I really love this, it's very very thick though and if u don't mix it properly it sinks! I love the coffee flavour from it just wish the bottle was way bigger!
Jenni Mattisson
Really nice
I drink a lot of iced coffees, only negative is it is very sweet so I personally always have either a caramel or vanilla iced coffee but it becomes way too sweet with syrups. Other then that it's great.
Great tasting product, a little sweeter than expected but great all the same, great value!
Darren Duke
Great Taste
I bought this for a friend who drinks Iced Coffee by the litre. He loved it, said it tastes exactly like the iced coffee he buys, it's cheaper, too and it has a real coffee kick. He's finished the bottle in about a week, so I guess we'll be buying some more!
Trish S
Iced Coffee
This iced coffee is incredible! The best one I've tried so far and for such a good price. So easy to make too - 100% recommend
Great taste and great value too.
John Ilett
We tried this at the food show and are now buying this all the time, not just for us but for friends as well. So good
Nina Dullabh
So Delicious!
This is my fourth order, I am so addicted to this fabulous tasting coffee, it lasts a long time even with me having at least two a day ( can't help it, it's too good!! ) Will definitely be on repeat order!
Denise Davey
As a single mum to a toddler caffeine is essential, but coffees are always cold by the time I get to drink them and buying iced coffees at the supermarket was way too much for our budget. This makes life a dream it’s so tasty I can customise it to how I’m feeling and I can use oat milk!
Star Josephs
Customer Review
So yummyy
Jacob Miles
Absolutely Delicious
Ok, this is the best! My teenager and I love a good iced coffee and can be a little picky when it comes to what we like. Honestly to the both of us, this is better than any store bought. We both love it and are going through it so quickly that I've already had to order more. I can see many more purchases to come. Heck she might have to start buying her own, lol!
Just like a coffee shop
Absolutely love this product!! I have been searching for a long time, looking for something Cheap and that I can have at home in the cupboard. I have since managed to get 3 other family members onboard who are also in love with this product!!!
Josephine Dayberg
Good for some
This would absolutely suit someone who likes sweet coffees, or those who get flavoured coffee drinks from Starbucks or Gloria Jean's. However, if you're someone who likes the unsweetened, bitter, taste of good coffee, this isn't the right product for you. I'm not going to rate it lower because of my own personal tastes, but I can't rate higher due to the fact that the sugar content and sweet factor isn't easily advised before receiving the product. Shipping times, and prices are fantastic though, so absolutely no qualms there. If you like sweet coffee, definitely buy this product, you won't regret. If not, consider something else.
Second time buying
Second time buying and think it's a definite staple for the cupboards :) I can make a dairy free iced coffee whenever I want that just as, if not better, than cafe brought 🤤
Elise Hirini-Hiroti
Iced heaven
I love iced coffee but this makes iced coffee so much easier, quicker and tastier
Vyvyanne Collis
Super delicious!
Bought this for my iced-coffee-loving husband's birthday & he said he'd be happy if I never got him anything else for Birthdays/Christmas/Valentine's/Father's Day etc. Thanks QuarterPast!
I'm back to buy more
I love the texture and taste. Highly recommended.
Nona Ruddell
Everything about this is perfect! Filled a large glass with ice, added the syrup then topped up with milk, YUMMMM!
Sonya Swan-Dauphin
Customer Review
Delicious, easy and affordable
Shannon Dawson
Customer Review
Ordered this for my husband and he loves it!
Customer Review
I really enjoy the taste, I just wish it wasn't as sweet!
Lucy Andrews
Delicious iced coffee
Using this syrup is so easy/fast and tastes delicious
Love Q coffee
Just purchased my second bottle of Q iced coffee. Hubby and I just love it!!!!!
Heather Patchett
Iced coffee
Received my order of iced coffee concentrate, very happy with product, don't even need to add sugar.
Julie Welsh
Pick me up
Just want you need to keep going, after an afternoon gardening
Janette Monaghan-Smith
Customer Review
We have been trying to make a good iced coffee at home for a long time but nothing quiet hit the spot. So glad we found this though as it's delicious and you really get that coffee flavour.
Natasha Bleach
Customer Review
Absolutely Delicious!
Janis Daybell
Superior Quality
We are picky when it comes to iced coffees, and there are a lot of sub par concentrates on the market, this however, is such a great little product! Tastes exactly like a cafe iced coffee, no weird or bitter aftertaste, sweet without being overpowering, just an all-round winner! We've already ordered more concentrates to try because we love this iced coffee one so much! 10/10
Just bliss....
The Iced Coffee is perfect for these warmer days, I also added the coffee syrups into them as well. The taste is just perfect and will be purchasing more, and will also be purchasing to go into Christmas Stockings :).
Jackie Birch
Excellent Service
Havent tried product yet but the fast delivery and excellent service will insure future orders
Raewyn Jensen
Yummy strong coffee syrup! Love the taste.
Lyla Woolston
Great taste
Over the taste of the ice coffee. My order was delivered fast. Taste like the once that you buy at shops. It wilm save me money.
Alyssa Dimock
Customer Review
Great taste
Sandy Brand
I was skeptical at first however once I took that first taste I was hooked. I must have ordered 12 bottles so far. The flavor is strong and sweet. My orders have arrived quickly and safely. I highly recommend and will continue to order.
David Michael
This is my second time purchasing the iced coffee and my lord after the first sip I was addicted! So easy but yet so much flavour! Fantastic flavour and so versatile!
Connor Butler
Best iced coffee option I have found!
This is hands down the best option I have found around
James Smith
So yummy, great to come home to a nice easy iced coffee as it gets warmer! I'm buying these for everyone for Christmas to share the love!!
Jasmine Boerboom
Customer Review
I love these, they're wholesome, good value and really enjoyable and they give a hellish boost! I fill my flask most nights, with some of the concentrate and milk, i shake it up and leave it in the fridge, i wake up in the morning and add 3/4 cubes of ice and reshake. I sip this throughout the day and it keeps me refreshed and a little on the happier side. ( I usually have sugar in my tea or coffee but i find this doesn't need it) 100% worth a buy
Ashley Glasby
My daughter loves these iced coffee's, with big dollop of icecream makes a sinful treat
Melanie M
Purchased again
Super quick delivery, really nice iced coffee. 10/10 would recommend
Customer Review
Lovely product, convenient to use, tastes great! Was surprised how much I like the taste, a good level of sweetness for me. Package shipped and arrived fast! All in all, would definitely recommend this.
Awesome easy way for delicious coffee
Just got mine - really delicious, easy to make an iced coffee or an instant coffee with a difference. It's tasty and I'm really glad I ordered mine. It is quite sweet - would be nice if they did a no sugar version for people who don't have any/as much sugar in their coffee. But very tasty overall
Tastes great
Better than I expected, tastes great, quite sweet but you can just use less. Always dribbles down the side of the bottle when poured, that's hardly a complaint.
Joe Lyttle
amazibg service amazing product love it
Jillian Crawley
Customer Review
I tasted this iced coffee round my nephews house and immediately went home to order some for myself.
Belinda Chapman
Pretty good
Tasty. Doesn't have that 'instant coffee' flavour that some iced coffees have. The consistency is super thick and creamy. Quick and easy alternative to making a shot of coffee to put in an iced coffee. Tastes great with soy or dairy milk. Only thing is it's a little sweet for some (I'm a sweet tooth so I enjoy it!)
Customer Review
Its so good! Huge coffee plays
Great products
Great products and fast delivery - very happy and highly recommended
Krishna Ferguson
A nice smooth sweet ice coffee, definitely recommend
5 starts
Amazing coffee, always need to have it stocked in my pantry ! I get it shipped to Australia every few weeks for a new order !
Delicious, just what we've been looking for
Been wanting a delicious iced coffee experience at home as can never make them taste as nice as from cafe's and i think this is it! Quick and easy and delicious! It is ever so slightly different from the UK coffee but still delicious non the less!
Kaysey B
Soooo yummy, easy and quick to make ! Love love love this I have been looking for a good iced coffee to make at home for so long and am so glad to say I have finally found it!!
Fab little treat
These coffees are so lovely easy to make and delicious tasting! A wonderful treat and so creamy with my Oat milk
Cassie Dallas Posely
Customer Review
5 stars from me. Tastes so good.
Tastes Barista made
So good great to bring to work, now everyone at work is also buying some‚ so delicious
Daisy Roebuck
Very nice, a tad sweet but otherwise delicious
Glenn Hamilton-Smith
Lovely coffee, easy to make and very Tasty. Will be buying again, nearly through my first bottle but I’ve been drinking a pint at a time 🙊
Helen Brandon
Customer Review
Absolutely PERFECT! Im so happy with how the iced coffee tastes! Although it certainly isnt lasting for 18 drinks˜‚ maybe 10 because I love it strong! I dont even like coffee but this is just YUM!
Gina Greenwood
Perfect for blending
Love using this to make my own mocha frappes at home. Saves so much time and tastes so good
This stuff is so so delicious and a really reasonable price for what you get. I won't be buying bought coffees in the mornings anymore!
Ashleigh O’Hagan
The reviews are spot on - this stuff is delicious, slightly on the sweet side, but it means you don't need too much syrup. As someone who is lactose intolerant, this Iced Coffee mix is dangerous! Perfect with milk and two ice cubes
Great pick me up
I'm a bit of a coffee fanatic so I actually use the syrup as a base with an espresso shot. Tastes nice and sweet.
Absolutely delicious
When mixed with milk and ice, this tastes just like a cafe-made iced coffee with vanilla icecream. I'm going to be keeping a bottle in my work locker permanently, way cheaper than a store-bought coffee and so good!
Sweet treat
Super sweet but perfect for a weekend treat!
Good iced coffee
I tried this for the first time, it's pretty good. Sweet but not too sweet and strong enough for a nice afternoon treat :)
Great at home Iced Coffee
Great Iced Coffee concentrate! very yummy just with milk or with milk and ice. Not to strong so can enjoy all through the day
At home deliciousness
Fabulous coffee mix, tried hot and cold and loved both! Tried with milk and water and again great with either... well done on another yum at home option!!
Great product
Was visiting a friend and she made me a coffee so good I had to order some for myself.
Coffee and Tv
I love ice coffee so when I seen the I had to order it and was not disappointed it gives my coffee the taste of pure pleasure and will be buying more for sure.. ICE ICE BABY WITH COFFEE ☕️
Stuart Murray
Iced coffee
OMG!!! What can I say, I've never tasted iced coffee like it, my daughter made it with both water and milk, WOW!!! She also put some in the freezer and made frappes, 10 out of 10
Victor Willmott
They taste great! I originally ordered them for myself but my boyfriend ended up drinking most of it, so I'm going to buy some more asap.
Iced coffee
So delicious! Just as good as a take away. Will definitely be buying again!
Best iced coffee
I’m obsessed with iced coffee & drink one daily so I thought I’d give the syrups a go as would work out so much cheaper, I wasn't dissapointed they are absolutely delicious & they arrived so quickly, 5 stars from me
Sharon Morris
Iced coffee 😋
Delicious iced coffee , went to my local big chain coffee shop recently for my usual iced coffee have to say prefer Quarterpast now highly recommend delicious cost effective & speedy delivery all the way from NZ now ordering for my parents as well !
Sue Baldry
Iced coffee
Omg....my son wasn't wrong it's the best iced coffee syrup I've ever had...won't be going out for brought coffee now that is for sure...highly recommend
Irene Wilson
Ice coffee syrup
Very nice plenty flavour
Amber Tysdall
Love it love it love it. Beautiful flavour and so smooth won't be long before another order is placed .
Valerie Christie
Great coffee flavour
I love my iced coffee with no added sugar, so i was a bit worried this syrup would be too sweet for me. But it wasn't! There is a sweetness to it, but the intense coffee flavour really comes through. I will sometimes add the dark hot chocolate syrup to make iced mochas. The best!!!
Cathy Thompson
Excellent DIY iced coffee!
Purchased purely to stop myself from spending so much on individual iced coffees day to day and has ticked the box!! Haven't bought a single one since my order arrived. Not as strong as I'm used to, but still delicious all the same. Maybe a stronger version can be released in the future?
Bryce Stott
Is sweeter than I was expecting but still yummy! Just need to get the ratios right. Well worth it!! P.s Would definitely drink more if there was a less sweeter version :)
Tiffany Elliott
Really tasty (though if you did a less sweet version I'd be so down for that!) Also works well in espresso martinis if you're missing on key ingredients ...
Vicky Walters
Delicious and reliable!
I really love how with the cane sugar this doesn't need to be stored in the fridge and takes the need to add your own sugar out of the equation! For some it might be a little sweet but I'd say its pretty similar to an ice break just obviously with less sugar involved ;) I'd say it runs fairly true to 18 servings per bottle, though if you like it a little stronger it'll make about 13, still really great!
Coffee lover
Great taste, good ratio of syrup & milk. Its lush with added flavoured syrup_x000D_ Recommend adding twin packs
Ross Clarkson
Was a bit skeptical when I first saw this advertised, but I am so glad I decided to try it. Easy and tasty!
Casey Sturgeon
Love this product. Easy to make, super tasty and a great sized bottle!!
Aimee Gregory
Flavour Blast
Wow what an amazing flavoursome syrup.. Tastes amazing and way better than any brought iced coffee.. My iced coffee loving kid loved this.. Fantastic service and delivery was quick..
Frances Turpie
Customer Review
Good product and prompt delivery
Adenike Adegbite
Good coffee, especially blended into cold milk. Also, thank you for the prompt customer service. Will be checking out other products for sure.
Shannon Lindemeier
Absolutely delicious, So smooth, great value and very quick delivery considering the current climate.
Campbell Craig
Very happy with the concentrate. I was expecting a synthetic taste like most other brands, but this doesn't have that. Once you get your own ratio right it's amazing!!
Aiden Brown
Really easy order process, and really quick delivery. Only recently found your products, I don't usually enjoy iced coffee but love the iced coffee syrup from the first try!
Rebecca Palmer
Customer Review
Best coffee I've ever had would definitely get it again
Hayley Steel
Super quick to make a delicious iced coffee. Delivery was speedy as well. Couldn't recommend it enough!
Amazing! A++
Amazing Taste, could recommend it enough! Gave a few bottles to family and friends to try :)
Daniel V
Great product
Tastes amazing and impressed with the fast delivery
Would recommend
This is actually really tasty. It tastes just like iced coffee you would served at a Cafe.. I didn't really like it mixed with water but it still wasn't bad! One of my bottles didn't seem to have a lid on properly and made a bit of a mess throughout the box and other bottles, but honestly it wasn't a huge deal for me
Amelia Small
Ordered these on at 1 am realised the next day and wasn’t expecting much but they are actually great very impressed
Fantastic product
I absolutely love it. Save a lot of money from buying iced coffee. This is far better. Will be buying some more.
Tracey Booth
Excellent product
Easy to make, quick shipping, and overall delicious. I can't start a day without drinking an ice coffee. Definitely would buy more
Sariyah Mafoe
All round good
Good product, easy to use and good price for product. A little sweet for my taste but I’m a not sugar coffee girl usually. Still yummy!
Eleanor Major
Very happy with our purchase- little boy on the sweet side
Excellent all round!
Easy to mix and tastes great. Incredible value. Delivered really quick as well. Would definitely buy more
The best iced coffee I've ever had, barista made or other. You've got our custom for a long time yet!
Nik Rolston
Absolutely love it. Tastes great and so convenient. Only negative would be we only got 13 drinks out of it (the bottle says 18) but this won’t stop up from purchasing.
Olivia M
Fantastic iced coffee
Got 4 bottles in the sale. Fantastic product and great service. Well worth the money. I love it. Will definitely be ordering more. I want dark chocolate one when it’s in stock too.
Tracey Booth
Excellent Product
The coffee syrup was a gift for which I received excellent feedback on both the flavour and how easy it is to make up.
Sheila MacKay
The best iced coffee I’ve ever had
This exceeded expectations! I was hoping to be able to make an iced coffee almost as good as those I can buy in my local coffee shop. In fact, I'm able to make the best iced coffee I've ever had anywhere! Absolute perfection and just so easy. It's my new obsession. The smell is just incredible too, I'm pretty sure I could use this in baking to make an amazing coffee cake. Also used this to make a whipped dalgona iced coffee... again, absolutely gorgeous. My second order is already in because this is now something I can't be without.
Vicky Nunes
The best iced coffee I’ve ever had
This exceeded expectations! I was hoping to be able to make an iced coffee almost as good as those I can buy in my local coffee shop. In fact, I'm able to make the best iced coffee I've ever had anywhere! Absolute perfection and just so easy. It's my new obsession. The smell is just incredible too, I’m pretty sure I could use this in baking to make an amazing coffee cake. Also used this to make a whipped dalgona iced coffee... again, absolutely gorgeous. My second order is already in because this is now something I can't be without.
Vicky Nunes
Great Flavour
I don't normally use a concentrate to make my iced coffee - this has great flavour and isn't too sweet - I'm converted!
Really yum and great value for money
They taste amazing definitely will be buying again won't need to buy canned ice coffee again my partner loves it too
Tess Palmer-wood
Amazing !
Absolutely love this product! I did not think I will like it as much. The syrup makes a really nice iced coffee. I will be purchasing these regularly from now on.
Smells amazing and tastes delicious. Made the best coffee milkshake the other day and just as good mixed with some milk and ice. Ended up buying some more as I don't think the first lot will last long
Sara Herbert