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ICED COFFEE Concentrate Mocha 360mL


  28 reviews

Full flavour and honest ingredients you can have everywhere!

This Mocha Concentrate will change the game for all coffee and chocolate lovers out there!

When creating this flavour we had three things in mind: deliver real coffee flavour, balance it perfectly with real cocoa powder and make it absolutely easy to use; with the ultimate goal of delivering an unforgettable Iced Mocha experience which you can replicate anywhere, any time!

We cold brew our coffee for 12 hours to maintain the true coffee flavour, then expertly blend it with real decadent cocoa powder, resulting in a rich, indulgent and super concentrated formula you can add to any type of milk and have the Iced Mocha of your dreams!

Versatility is also part of the game: there are endless ways you can use our Iced Mocha Concentrate:

- Mocha Frappes

- Iced Mochas

- Mocha Milkshakes

- Mocha Coffees

And the list goes on - use your creativity and create stunning beverages that will not disappoint!

Give it a go and try for yourself!

One 360mL bottle = 18 drinks

Additional Information

Dimensions7.5 × 7.5 × 15cm

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Good taste
Good taste, would recommend adding some ice cream into your drink with it.
William Parks
Iced Mocha
I have only had one serve from the bottle. I was impressed with the flavour notes and enjoyed it very much.
Shane Holden
Great mocha iced coffee taste and great value for money.
Julie L
My daughter requested this flavour and im impressed not too sweet but sweet enough
Karen Shreeves
Very delicious and so easy to make. I need to try all the flavours now.
Lovely and smooth
A great flavour and texture, sooo smooth. Will try some different flavours next time.
On a hot day, over ice, with a little cream...delicious!!!
Tastes great
Love my iced coffee tastes great was brought up on it in ozzy bought the mocha to try and are enjoying the taste too received my package quick smart great service 😊
Mark Dunnery
Better than Cafe iced mocha
Hubby said this was better than what he's had at cafes, we made it with milk and ice cream yum, we do have quite the collection of syrups now
Andrea Richmond
Customer Review
This is so good
Tania Mclevie
This is absolutely amazing!!
Danielle Helg
Don't need too much at all and it is the perfect mocha!
Amber Turner
Have tried this twice since I've gotten it and have enjoyed it. Could be a bit stronger in coffee taste. I did not get any funky after taste to mine. Not sure I'd buy it again.
Susan Galida
Pretty good, but it's a little too sweet
I'd recommend finding a way to dull down the sweetness before trying this, it's actually incredible if you mix it with other flavours. By itself, it's just a bit too sweet.
Tasty may need to try it with a bit of coffee as is a bit sweet and chocolatey
Cassandra Riceman
Cold Brew
My daughter is totally addicted. I am about to order her some more. So much cheaper than buying one in a cafe. She loves iced coffee.
Gayle Ashe
Mocha iced coffee
i have tried this twice now and i found both times were a weird after taste. the second time trying it i added coffee as there was no coffee taste whatsoever. wouldn't jump it buying it again... will maybe try the coffee and add some chocolate to it
Absolutely delicious 🤤
BUY IT! It is divine! So much so we placed an order for some other products! I wish I took a picture!
Absolutely Delicious
Mocha Iced Coffee Concentrate
Tried it with milk and hot chocolate. The taste wasn't strong enough. I much prefer the Maple Coffee Concentrate
Megan Sandison
Mocha too sweet
I tried the Mocha on its own with a hot milk following the ratio of 1:10 and I find it too sweet and hardly have any coffee taste on it and have a weird taste of chocolate. I tried it again with an extracted coffee and hot milk with just 10ml of it and it was okay but the taste of the real chocolate drink was not what I was expecting for. I am a barista and have tried other chocolate syrups and powders for making mocha so I easily can tell the difference. Just an honest review, maybe needs some modifications on the taste. I can taste some vanilla extract with it.
Melissa Dy
Just right
Loved it, just what I was looking for.
John Anderson
Mocha is amazing!
I’m am so impressed with this product I use it everyday and have already recommended it to several people. After trying it once for the first time I ended up buying 3 more bottles the taste is incredible!
Georgia Collins
Best coffee hands down! I've tried alot of different premade cold coffees or syrups but nothing quite hit the spot but this has been a game changer! Already brought 7 bottles between me and the husband!
Laura-Jane York
Tasty, but no coffee flavour
It has a delicious chocolate flavour, but as a mocha fanatic, I tasted no coffee at all. I tried regular milk and soy milk with varying concentrations of the mocha mix and was not able to taste coffee
Possibilities are endless
Tasted good but the iced coffee tasted better. First time trying it. I Will need to play around with this as I feel that there are a lot of possibilities with this
Nina Dullabh
Too sweet
Way too sweet and barely has any coffee flavour in it at all. It just tastes like super super sweet chocolate
Gabriella Livaja
Customer Review
Taste more like chocolate sauce, than coffee
Jamie Parry
Amazing is an understatement
When you can make a cafe quality mocha at home, words do not do justice for how amazing the product is. I will literally tell anybody who listens, that this is a must in everyone’s pantry.
Cassandra Sabharwal