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ICED COFFEE Concentrate Maple 360mL


  25 reviews

Full flavour and honest ingredients you can have everywhere!

Wanting to try something different? Then you've come to the right place!

Who would have thought that Maple and Coffee go well together?

With delicious notes of dark brown sugar, molasses and toffee, we've elegantly infused our maple flavour with 12-hour cold brewed coffee, creating a rich, decadent and super concentrated formula you can add to any type of milk and take your Iced Coffee experience to a whole different level!

Versatility is also part of the game: there are endless ways you can use our Iced Mocha Concentrate:

- Maple Coffee Frappes

- Maple Mochas

- Maple Coffee Milkshakes

- Maple Lattes

And the list goes on - use your creativity and create stunning Iced Maple Coffee beverages that will not disappoint!

Give it a go and try for yourself!

One 360mL bottle = 18 drinks

Additional Information

Dimensions7.5 × 7.5 × 15cm

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The best!
Perfect purchase for a quick and easy iced coffee crafted at home without the barista prize tag!
Iced coffee
Beautiful smooth full bodied great great coffee only problem is it is never in stock in the hamilton supermarkets
Fiona McLay
Maple Heaven
There are no words to describe this iced coffee except amazing, ever since i saw the add on tv I've been looking for it, never thought it would be so good but i can't get enough of it totally awesome.
Tanya Conner
Iced coffee
Have been wanting this since returning from Dubai a year ago where that was all I drank in the heat. This fills the bill perfectly ,with ice perfect and gd with cold milk . Can’t believe my luck that I can get it here. Love it
Robyn Pike
Maple Iced Coffee
Delicious, easy to make and perfect for hot summer days
Karen West
Maple Magic
Hot weather, ice cold Iced Coffee - just like being in heaven. Love,love, love.
Heather Sorensen
Amazing and delicious
This is such a great option for people like me who love sweet iced coffee on a hot day. Absolutely delicious and will definitely buy more!
Brieze Va'a
Coffee Maple concentrate.
A very delicious product. However I suggest starting with half the recomended strength. Lovely Maple Notes. I have used it with just milk and with french vanilla icream wizzed up into a milk shake. Awsome.
Shane Holden
Perfect on a hot day
This was the first Quarterpast flavour we tried. It was a really hot day in Tauranga and the iced coffee was perfect - it had us hooked!
Sara Ritchie
I was excited to try this as I thought it was an interesting flavour combination! The maple isnt too strong in my opinion so if your looking to try a new products give this a go as it's not too strong but still something a little different!
Danielle Helg
So nice, ice cold.
If you love a good sweet iced coffee this is the yummiest and easiest ever!!!
Jess G
Paired with my favourite nut mylk and a handful of ice, this is how I kickstart my days! Yet to get the perfect dilution rate to suit my taste buds but it always tastes amazing! Love the added maple flavour.
Kaitlyn W
Unpleasant aftertaste
Good coffee and maple flavor - tainted for me by a weird unpleasant aftertaste taste that I've noticed in other syrup brands, almost chemical tasting, Probably won't buy again for this reason.
Scott Woods
Customer Review
Far better than store bought iced coffee, like make to double and triple shot .
Gary Hill
Love it
Omg this is the best. I'm I'm inlove mixed with oat milk and im off to work
Kayla Hutchison
Gone are the days of spending $9 on an iced coffee
Omg this syrup is so good, whiz it up with ice and soy milk before work and we are ready to party!! I am definitely hooked!
Samantha Mcintyre
Maple delight
The coffee could be stronger, but if you add an extra shot, it's perfect!
Great tasting product that's very versatile. We loved it in our milkshakes, lattes and poured over ice cream.
Tasty and Cost Effective
This stuff is so tasty! Not only is it saving me having to spend $5 on iced coffee everyday, the taste is better than the ones you buy in a bottle and definitely on par with an iced coffee made fresh in a cafe! I have recommended this to everyone I know that are coffee drinkers to try and so far all of them have tried it and liked it! I will be buying this stuff only from now on (unless I am at a cafe and well, i suppose I will have to spend that $5 then) Absolutely awesome stuff and looking forward to where you go!
Lewis Kupa
Daily use
5 days in. It's all gone 🤭
Matt Pereira
So good
Absolutely delicious iced coffee, had high hopes that maple iced coffee would be as amazing as it sounds and was not disappointed!
Zac M
So good!
This maple flavoured iced coffee syrup is everything i've been missing. i should've bought more than one bottle.
Katie Hutchinson
Customer Review
Nice maple aroma... But honestly didn't really do it for me. Still gonna drink it though and not bad over ice cream
Mike Baker
Maple Iced Coffee Concentrate
So yummy. Could easily become addictive if I'm not careful
Megan Sandison