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Marshmallow Chocolate 360mL


  29 reviews

Your chocolate experience should never disappoint!

Think of light, fluffy and delicious marshmallows mixed with rich real cocoa powder. With a runny, easy-to-pour formula, now you can ACTUALLY taste this in a decadent and easy-to-make hot chocolate!

Make sure you keep plenty in the pantry for that daily treat that won’t disappoint! Just fill 10% of a heat-proof mug with QUARTERPAST Marshmallow Hot Chocolate , then top the remaining 90% with hot milk - it's that simple!

Add hot milk, cold milk, dairy-free milk, over ice cream and desserts, baking...the options are endless!

One 360mL bottle = 18 cups

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Dimensions7.5 × 7.5 × 15cm

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This is definitely my kids' favourite! they love that it tastes like it has marshmallows in it
Sara Ritchie
Lovely and decadent but very disappointed it contains sulphites, hence the ratings. Will not purchase again because of this. Thanks for the freebie coffee but it also contains sulphites.
Louise Langdon
Hot Choc Sauce-Marshmallow
This sauce made a decadent and delicious hot choc that the kids loved. Super quick contactless delivery.
Robyn Livingston
This is my favourite hot chocolate by far! Tastes like you have put marshmellows in your cup. Delicious!
What a treat!
Delicious - gives the hot chocolate just that something extra.
Super tasty
Fast delivery. Arrived in time and being used in my moccas. Really great tasty great product.. head ro bde hidden from those who would want to snag some for themselves
Andrew Bain
Recommend this product it’s very delicious
HOT CHOCOLATE Syrup/Sauce Marshmallow Notes 360mL
Every flavor is excellent thank you for such great affordable products, by the way great packaging and speedy delivery
Alvina Edwards
Delicious Sweet Treat
Loved it from the first cup, sweet & perfectly Marshmallowy flavour
Emma Smith
I will definately have to hide this from the mokopuna. Very yum
Omg yum !! Taste exactly like a marshmallow that's been sitting in hot chocolate till it's all gooey
Chloe Hadland
Yummy n Sweet
Love this flavour just like marshmallow taste
Amazing flavour
Yummy to add to hot chocolate and has such a rich Yummy taste. Loved by all the family will buy again.
Amanda Strong
First timer
Delicious.. First time having Quarterpast and it was lovely..
Sharon Stewart
I’ll be back
Love this, hot or cold. Tried it as milkshake as well, even better, very tasty with extra marshmallows when hot
Joanne Makiha
Marshmallow QuarterPast Syrup
Loved this. It was like having the cafe in my kitchen. Thank you QuarterPast. Another winner.
Jellaire Murray
Way better than what is was expecting and the girls both like it also, so it’s a winner for us.
Kim Groenewald
Kids love this
Easy to adjust the strength, smooth hot chocolate and great taste.
Customer Review
I love the Marshmellow. Its great as a clod milk flavour or as a mocha.
Shane Holden
Soft and smooth
Not as strong as the dark (which is my personal fave) but tastes just like pink marshmallows. Its a lovely soft flavour that is enjoyed by the whole family
Totally moreish. Can be a bit sweet, but thats personal preference, I just added more milk and less syrup to my taste and it was a good time.
Hayley Patricia
Chocolate and Marshmallow.. heaven in a cup. Thank you, Quarter Past, for a new and pleasurable experience,
L.K. Savage
This brought back childhood memories of campfire marshmallows between chocolate biscuits. I found it a bit sweet for me now but my granddaughter (10) absolutely loved it.
Sandra Leong
marshmallow chocolate
absolutely delicious just like when i put my marshmallows into my mocha
Customer Review
Granddaughter loves it on ice cream.
Gaylene Hutson
Tastes amazing!
Like you would imagine came from Willy Wonka,' s chocolate factory!!
Y. E
Customer Review
Decidanc in a bottle! I brought the hot chocolate for my husband but I'm afraid he has to share. We have 5 flavors my favorite is the mint. On icecream its exceptional. The marshmallow is lovely. If you haven't tried these products you really are missing out!
Gloria Gibson
Absolutely delicious!!!!
I have searced for years for a decent hot chocolate and I have FINALLY found one! This is the best hot chocolate I have had. It tastes exactly like melted marshmellows in chocolate! I will be a regular customer! Thank you for actually putting some effort into your hot chocolates and making them so beautiful!!!
Sandra Polson
Perfect anytime
If you are someone who can't get enough of the gooey marshmallows at the bottom of your hot chocolate then this is the treat for you! Tastes just like liquid marshmallows and good chocolate which makes a fab hot choc and milkshake both. Plus, if you are feeling truely decadent poor a little over ice cream for a mouth-watering dessert 💕😁.
K. R.