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Salted Pistachio 250mL


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Made with honest ingredients and full of flavour! 

Treat yourself to our rich and nutty-flavoured pistachio syrup. Balanced with a pinch of sea salt, this syrup is subtle and a great way to start the day.

One 250mL bottle = 12 drinks

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Unpleasant, tipped it down the drain
I saw this flavour when I made my last order, and since Pumpkin Pie was being given away as a free gift I thought I'd try this. Syrup has a sharp, unpleasant chemical smell, and very little taste, so the overall flavour in coffee is sharp, unpleasant chemical... It seems that Quarterpast have made the same mistake as you made last year when you tried to reformulate the hazelnut syrup and completely wrecked it! (Luckily you listened to customer feedback for that and reformulated it again, but you lost so many customers that Countdown NZ no longer stocks Hazelnut syrup.) I tried to like the salted pistachio, having used it for 10-15 cups, but each time it tasted bad and so I've tipped the rest of it down the drain.