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Salted Caramel 250mL


  54 reviews

Full flavour and honest ingredients you can enjoy everywhere!

Enjoy the rich and buttery flavours of caramel perfectly balanced with a pinch of sea salt. Treat yourself every morning with a delicious cup of salty caramel latte!

One 250mL bottle = 12 drinks

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Dimensions5 × 6 × 17cm

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Salted Caramel
I have been using this product for more than a year. I have it with coffee pods and instant and it always makes a good coffee great.
Shane Holden
Salted Caramel
Now everyone around me knows Salted Caramel anything is my absolute favourite and this one is at the top. I actually find I don't. need as much to still get that lovely flavour coming through in my coffee hot or iced.
Karen West
Family Favorite
Had to buy a bottle for my daughter after she "borrowed" mine - certainly a family favorite
best ever
Best coffee syrup I have ever used. I only wish the container was bigger.
Angie Lamberth
Best one yet!
This is the best coffee syrup I’ve tried. I’m honestly addicted and I’m kinda sad I only ordered one bottle because it’s that dam good I can’t stop using it. 100000% will order this one again!
Bridget P
Our absolute favorite, have this in my nespresso coffee every morning
Great syrups
I love this flavour not too sweet
Natasha Smith-Cully
salted caramel coffee syrup
This has to be my favorite, just add when you need that taste lift.
My favourite
Yummy yum!! I have it every day with my evening decaf coffee and now cannot have without it! Just love it!
Help - I’m addicted
Auckland in lockdown, what do you do? Drink coffee. But when your favourite syrup runs out and it’s out of stock at the supermarket, there is only one thing to do - order it online as I cannot be without this. Best syrup ever. Thank you.
Sweet Flavour
I don't normally drink coffee but thought I'd drink a few coffees over lockdown with the added Salted caramel flavour, I don't normally like caramel to much, but found this to be very nice.
Kirsty Johnston
Love it!
Until recently, we have been buying this in the supermarket and love it - now we buy it direct and in bulk because we use it every day! We have a coffee machine so this is the perfect addition to our morning coffee - we prefer it to the normal caramel which is quite sweet.
Beth M
just the best drink, on icecream and on Tamarillo tart
Ron Frew
Salted Caramel Yummmm
Thank you for the gift. It tastes amazing drizzled over my porridge.
Salted caramel syrup
It's a yummy sweet treat
Virginia McCutchan
Salted caramel flavour
Fiona Randell
Game changer
Makes every coffee special
Jess Oakes
Was so delicious with the iced coffee concentrate
Claire Tomkinson
I was told this syrup was the bees knees ans honestly people were right!! With espresso, instant coffee or even straight milk! I honestly love this flavour.
Delicious tasting syrup ready to elevate any coffee drink
Cassandra Riceman
Salted Caramel and Chocolate - a winning combination
Add salted caramel syrup and dark chocolate syrup to coffee or just hot milk - what a taste experience!
Deliciously good
Ohhhhhh my gawd, it's so good!
Love salted caramel
Omg this is delish. Have added it to my morning coffee which is Devine or added it to cold milk to make a milkshake.
Smells and tastes divine! I use two tsp in my coffee in the morning and it’s just like getting a boutique one. Lovely. Also works great for milkshakes and on ice cream. Thinking about trying it as a finisher for cooking too.
Love it
never disappoints, great in my morning coffee
Love it
Replaced the sugar in my coffee with the bonus of caramel taste.. Definitely recommend it.
So yummy made into vegan ice cream.
Nic Smith
Divine syrup!
From the moment I opened this bottle the smell of caramel was divine! You only need to add a little bit to take your coffee to the next level would highly recommend.
Michiko Donnelly
Enjoy an authentic salted caramel taste
This syrup is amazing, I got it as a free sample and I will definitely be buying more! It was amazing
Pauline Finnie
Perfect syrup
We have tried the caramel and salted caramel and really love it. My only issue is the bottle size, we go through a lot so please do bigger bottles!!
Jenni Mattisson
Add this to coffee for a gorgeous extra that makes every cup feel a treat. Go on, you deserve a treat
Carina Dickinson
So smooth
Was very impressed with this syrup! Tastes amazing and changes the consistency of the coffee to a smooth finish! Defo buy again
Demi Folan
Bought this for the husband because he likes his salted camel coffees well since I got this for him no more going out to buy it he loves its you can make it as like of a taste or a stronger taste of camel it even smells really nice its a muct buy again
Roxanne Bailie
Perfect salted caramel!
This is my go to coffee syrup from now in, perfect balance of flavours!!! And not too sweet.
Wow! New favourite treat!
This is absolutely gorgeous - not overly rich but still luxurious. Such a treat in my afternoon latte, I will definitely be trying the others in the range.
Gillian Netherton
Love these syrups, they don't leave a funny taste in your mouth like many other brands do. Try this and you won't regret it. Well worth it.
Great taste
Lovely flavour without being too sweet. Tastes good
Very tasty
I love this. Not overly sweet but has a great taste
Its is absolutely gorgeous, I could binge on these its so luscious. I am limiting myself, so I can treat myself and have a little indulgence a couple of days a week. Will be ordering more.
Tricia Lang
This syrup is so yummy. I added the 20ml as directed and my coffee was amazing. I usually add a spoon of sugar to my coffee but when using this the sugar is not needed so I'm not sure if it would be too sweet for someone who doesn't have sugar. I'm excited to try the other flavours now.
Love this flavor, just hits the spot slightly better than the standard caramel.
Steve Godsmark
This salted caramel isn’t too ‘fake’ tasting like other brands are, the nice caramel is balanced by a bit of saltiness
Bought for my husband, never tried adding a syrup to coffee before, says it just lifted the whole drink to another level.
Janette Monaghan-Smith
Love these!
The salted caramel syrup is my new go to coffee syrup. Not too sweet, but definitely smooths out the coffee. Lovely stuff
I’ve used this everyday, often multiple times a day for a year. Have tried other flavours which are really good, but the salted caramel is far and away the best of the bunch! Perfect with Jarrah salted caramel latte coffee mix!
Convenient and quick delivery
I use this in my coffee and as a flavor syrup for my baking. I absolutely love it.
Easy fast delivery
Ordering and delivery was fast quick easy! I love how simple the website is to order off. This favor is delicious and the price is so affordable. Love this one!!xo
Loved it
Great service, Easy ordering, love the website, fast delivery, great product. Very satisfied customer here, will keep coming back.
The taste is absolutely delicious. Highly reccomend these products. Efficient delivery and easy to order.
Omg everyone needs to try this immediately!
Love it. Where has it been all my life! So delicious in coffee and baking. Can't go back to normal coffee now
Nastassja Malkawi
I love mine!
I looove how balanced the saltiness and the sweetness are! So delicious!
Barbara Jones
Great purchase
Use this everyday in my morning coffees - a couple tablespoons to my cup and I'm good to go. Very good purchase.
Katie Gordon
This product is DELICIOUS! I experimented a bit with it and poured it over my ice cream last nightů. It was to die for!!!
Emelia Stout
I have fallen in love with this flavour! Gones great in my morning coffee
Graham D