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Pumpkin Pie 250mL


  43 reviews

Limited Time Only! Full flavour and honest ingredients you can enjoy everywhere!

The unique flavour of pumpkin, expertly blended with delicious spices that will take your coffee experience to a whole new level. Try something a bit different and add a dash of QUARTERPAST Pumpkin Pie to your coffees!

One 250mL bottle = 12 drinks

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Dimensions5 × 6 × 17cm

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Pumpkin Pie
Being from the USA, we have loved pumpkin spice coffee flavour for years and were so disappointed when we couldn't hardly ever find anyone offering this flavour here in NZ. My son-in-law found this flavour for us for Christmas this year and we are thrilled. It is so good and so glad we don't have to do without anymore. Love it and highly recommend it!
Curtis Estes
Good but not my fave
Bought this on a whim when making my order as my inner basic b***h was like “YES PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES” but out of the 3 I bought this is my least liked one. It’s not bad it’s just not as good as the Vanilla or Salted Caramel. Can’t wait to try other flavours now!
Bridget P
Highly recommended! Outstanding flavour!
Such amazing unique flavour for Australia! Our customers have been loving it so much!! Keen to try the Lamington if that comes out again! 👌🏻☺️ Great work Quarterpast!
Audrey Parsons
Tastes great with my latte. Got my whole family into it and they LOVE it just as much as I do! So glad I bought 4 bottles. Highly recommend trying this!!!
Rachel Eseta
Very tasty!
Another happy American, and my husband (British) also really likes it which is surprising! So now we will be ordering more in bulk! Not sweet and good flavour. I always miss Starbucks' short window of serving pumpkin spice lattes here, so am happy i found a better alternative!
Stephanie Angove-Emery
Good experiance
I was looking for a non expense version of PLS with shipping cost that wouldn't coast an arm and a leg. i was happy with the flavour. will definitely order again.
Kendra Hooper
One happy Americwn
Being unable to travel back to the States due to *world issues*, I was so happy to come across this pumpkin pie coffee syrup so I could make PSL's at home here in NZ. The syrup is perfect - lovely spice taste and not overly sugary. I'd love it if this became a permanent offering as I'll definitely be ordering more!
Really lovely!
Tastes a LOT better than I expected, I highly recommend trying it!
Amazing pumpkin pie syrup
Absultely love and super addicting. It's nearly gone already and will be buying more!
Kendrah Mcleod
All hail the spice
Spicy pumpkin pie syrup added to anything, especially coffee makes the wonders of my trip to America come back alive on my taste buds. Well worth the try.
Debbie C
So glad I ordered this syrup. Making an ice coffee this summer with Pumpkin Spice Sryup was just perfect t!
Christa Fung
PSL season all year round!
So glad I stocked up on this syrup so I can enjoy delish PSL at home whenever I want! It’s amazing!
Laura Baker
I usually find myself disappointed by coffee syrups for tasting like sugar rather than an actual flavour. This syrup however did not disappoint! Tastes exactly like pumpkin pie and the flavour comes through clearly without being over powering. My new favourite thing to add to my coffee!
Kaitlyn Morton-Hay
I absolutely love this syrup especially during September right till December! It perfectly captures a pumpkin pie and I already bought 4 bottles of it to stock up!
Really good!
I’ve tried a few pumpkin spice flavoured syrups but they’ve all tasted like the “fake American cinnamon” (think Big Red Gum - yuck!). This is the first one I’ve found that actually tastes like real spices and it’s pretty close to the ⭐️💲‘s one. Love it. Will buy again next year.
Erin Bingham
What I expected
This was exactly what I was expecting it to taste like so I'm very happy
Pumpkin Pie?
I had no idea what to think, but I tried it anyway.. needless to say 3 days after opening I’ve almost used the whole thing! Super delicious and very tasty! So much depth in the flavour! Would definitely recommend
Super tasty
Loved this in my coffee! I’m not much of a coffee person and this made me actually enjoy it!
My favourite
I fell in love with pumpkin pie, and have since been searching for the perfect coffee syrup. If this ever disappeared I don't know what I would do and I am honestly tempted to store multiple bottles just in case
The perfect Xmas brew
Sweet and flavourful but not overpowering, this makes my morning coffees during the Christmas season particularly festive. Love it!
Jonni Pannekoek
Not what I was hoping for
2 stars for easy ordering and fast delivery. Sadly this pumpkin spice flavour wasn't for me (not as sweet as I thought it would be, and a very strong aftertaste), but I would consider purchasing other quarterpast products in the future.
Pumpkin Pie
Just trying this for the first time in my Dulce Gusto, Cafe au lait coffee and it's delicious!! I absolutely love the flavour and the aroma definitely smells of pumpkin pie. This is my new favourite flavour and I hope it becomes permanent. So glad I ordered a 4 pack. Looking forward to maybe trying it in baking sometime in place of vanilla essence.
Pumpkin pie
My daughter loves it, great fast service arrive with in few days.
Kylie Cullen
This coffee syrup is so good! It's also quite strong so I only use about 5 to 10 ml instead of the recommended 20 ml, but this means it will last me even longer! So happy with my purchase and the shipping was super fast too.
Make it permanent!
Quick delivery, tastes delicious, just wish it wasn’t a limited release!
Julian Phillips
Yum! (and great service too)
Ok, first thing's first. If you love a pumpkin spice latte... you are going to love this syrup. OMG Yum! It is so much better than the Starbucks flavouring. Smooth, sweet, pumpkiny and nutmegy to begin and then just little ginger kick at the end. Buy it while you can, because it is a seasonal flavour. Now to the great service. I ordered four bottles of the Pumpkin Pie Syrup and when they arrived one of the bottles had been damaged in transit. The staff at Quarterpast were awesome. When I contacted them to let them know what had happened, I was offered the choice of a refund for the damaged bottle or a replacement bottle. I chose to have the bottle replaced and it arrived a week later (which was suprisingly fast from New Zealand to Australia in Covid times and approaching Christmas). Thank you, Quarterpast. I am a very happy customer.
Muffy Peddersen
Every year I go to Starbucks and get my Pumpkin Spice Latte Frappuccino. _x000D_ I missed out in 2020 and I ordered the Quarter Past Pumpkin Pie Syrup. _x000D_ OH. MY. WORD!!!!! This syrup is absolutely delicious! It tastes even BETTER than the above mentioned. _x000D_ Highly recommend to anyone who loves their PSL’s.
Samara Upton
Customer Review
Great flavour.
Customer Review
Great flavour.
So good!!
The pumpkin pie syrup is so delicious, similar to the pumpkin spice at Starbucks. Very happy with this purchase!
Customer Review
A nice touch to your morning coffee. In my opinion it could be a touch spicier, but declicious none the less.
Emma Adams
A little disappointed
I guess I was expecting a more traditional pumpkin pie flavor with more defined cinnamon and spice notes. The ginger comes through a bit too much for me.
Steve Godsmark
Different but fantastic!
I was so intrigued by the flavour that I had to try it! I was not disappointed! Taste great in long blacks as well as lattes! It's quite a unique flavour that I think will be a hit or miss for some people. Shipping was EXTREMELY fast! Great service!
Tash Kuang
Speedy delivery
Although I personally haven't tried the syrup (it's for gifts) the delivery time was impeccable. I ordered around 9:30am and by midday the package was already on it's way! It was in my desk by the following morning when I got in!
Not my fave
I didn't love this one (and I'm canadian, pumpkin pie is a family tradition!), but my boyfriend really likes it! So I'll give it 3 stars. The delivery was super quick and they were great and called me when they had issues finding my address :) 5/5 great service
Such a great flavour._x000D_ I use slightly less than recommended
Olivia N
Tasty enough
I thought the flavour was nice but not strongly reminded of a sweet pumpkin pie.
Claire Coleman
Pumpkin pie
Super quick delivery. Tasty syrup, good that you can titrate your desired sweetness!
Sarah J
Top shelf syrups!
Ordered a batch of Pumpkin Pie and was not disappointed. Subtle spices with a good ginger bite. All syrups from Quarterpast are the best tasting I've come across yet. All stocked up on the Christmas packs too and ready to spread the flavour to friends and family!
Mat L
Favourite flavour
I’m glad I got 4 of these because this pumpkin flavour is amazing! If only it wasn’t limited edition I would drink these all the time.
My fav coffee all year round
I enjoy this coffee flava from a certain cafe...and its only comes in store at a certain time of year...i enjoy the other quarterpast syrups like vanilla and caramel but pumpkin spice is amazing. With frothy milk and cinnamon dusting who needs to leave the house. Shipping was soo fast like 2 days!
Aimee W
Customer Review
Arrived 10 minutes ago and made a pumpkin coffee already…The syrup smells and tastes incredible! It's made the end to NZ Spooky Season quite Magical.
Best Coffee Syrup !!
I have to stop myself from adding it to my morning coffee everyday! Tastes almost like the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte; slightly more gingery but better! The delivery was also super fast :)