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Hazelnut 250mL


  21 reviews

Full flavour and honest ingredients you can enjoy everywhere!

Next time, add hazelnut to your caffeine kick. A favourite in Europe, hazelnut nuzzles up to the flavour notes of coffee perfectly. Sweet, rich and nutty it's like liquid biscotti. You'll love it!

One 250mL bottle = 12 drinks

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Dimensions5 × 6 × 17cm

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I love this, You need a but more than other flavours for the hazelnut to come through but it's great in coffee and hot chocolates
Danielle Helg
This is my favorite, live it in coffee or with soda water and fresh lime
halzenut coffee flavour
my daughter has been having the hazelenut coffee flavour and says the 1st mouthful is okay by the time she gets to the 2nd of the drink she finds its over powering and sickening, she tried it with 20mls 1st then reduced it to 1o mls, to found it over powering but it could her and tastes buds as well, just be causeshe doesn't like it some one will certainly in enjoy it
Rhonda Norton
I love hazelnut lattes and this did not disappoint! Delicious
Jamey J
Hazelnut coffee flavour
Put this in my black coffee and omg yum.
Jan Tollemache
New new formula
I received the "new formula" but it tasted awful, like chemicals. But I contacted support and after a few emails was sent a new bottle and have just received it. I am beyond happy with the *new* new formula. It tastes amazing
The new-new formula is the winner for me! Delicious nutty flavor
So Good!!!
I love a nutty flavouring and this did not disappoint. I have been using this with my iced coffee’s, but can imagine it will make a great addition to a winter hot chocolate.
Much improved formula
Although it has a bit of a strong chemical/synthetic smell, the flavour is much improved compared to the previous formulation.
I usually only have flavoured coffee when I go out but having this delicious coffee syrup at home I can drink it everyday. Would recommend to anyone
Naomi Husband
New-new better than old-new, but not as good as original? Maybe?
In June 2020 I would have happily given 5 stars for the original hazelnut syrup, then they changed the formulation. This new formulation had a strong chemical smell and virtually no taste other than 'sweet', so the dominant flavour (flavour = taste + smell) was sharp and offensive. Fortunately, QuarterPast listened to their customers and quickly started work on a new-new formulation. The new-new formulation smells nutty and like butterscotch to me. When tasting the syrup concentrate, I can taste these same characteristics, and they linger on an aftertaste. In coffee, it is wonderfully balanced and complements the coffee. I'm not sure if it is as good as the original, or if I have just been off it too long. Well done QuarterPast.
Received as a freebie with my first order Loved it so much I ordered again with 3 other flavours
Pauline Bell
I am a huge fan of coffee syrups and was really impressed with this one. It is delicious. We've had it in both coffee and iced coffee, and it's heavenly. A real treat.
Great value!
A word of warning. These syrups are incredibly sweet so you only need about 10ml per serve. That's 25 delicious cups of hazelnut coffee!
New formula was a mistake
I just bought the new formula for this syrup and it tastes nothing like the old one, in a bad way. It has an almost an artificial alcohol aftertaste, hard to describe, but quite disappointed because this was my favourite flavour and it lasted for a long time. The new formula allegedly has no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners but it tastes faker.
Liquid Joy
adds joy to the day, a little bit of what you fancy does you good. And v quick delivery. Go!
Super quick delivery!
Couldn't believe how quickly this arrived, had it in my hands 24 hours after ordering - especially considering the courier delays for everyone else at the moment this was very impressive. An absolute favourite flavour in our household!
Kirstie McLean
Goodness In A Cup
I love my new Hazelnut coffee syrup. So hard to find a yummy
Lauren Toll
Very good
Very pleasant taste and great experience getting these delivered.
Jane Louise
Super yummy product! It is very strong though, you only need to add a tiny bit
I love this!
Hazelnut has always been my favourite flavour in everything - not only can I use this in coffee (which I love) but I can make a delicious milkshake with it! Absolutely recommend!
Joseph Williams